• Short answer is NO. We need to handle photography + graphic design in totality for maximum effectiveness of our work.

    Our successful unique formula in generating massive sales conversion within the Amazon marketplace is based largely on understanding the “buying mindset” of each product as no 2 products are the same.

    Only by scripting the flow of photos and subliminally infusing NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) elements, we are able to trigger the impulse buying reactions when a buyer lands on a page. 

    Experience the Ecomian differences!

  • Once we received the product, it will take us 5 working days to get photos prepared and another 7 days to do the complete infographics. 

    This is from selection and submission of all texts from you which we will make amendments upon based on on NLP assessement.

    In total 12-14 days to complete from the day we receive the physical product.

  • Ecomian will provide hi res jpg, png, ai and psd. Please let us know if you have special requirements.

    A link to your job folder will be provided for you to have unlimited access anytime.

  • YES you can. Do let us know and we will get a quote to courier it back to you which you will need to pre-pay should you want the product back. We will normally dispose it within 7 days upon completion of your order.

  • Up to 5 Focus Words
    1 KW filled Title
    5 Bulletpoint Included
    1 Product Description
    In Depth Competitor Research (3-5 depending on necessity)